Community Engagement

Plato said music gives “soul to the universe, wings to the mind and life to everything.”

Our unique Yeomen Programme was conceived as an instrument to provide a framework for the Company to offer support – by providing finance, experience, mentoring, training, networks and profile – to Company Prizewinners (who become ‘Yeomen’ of the Company for five years after winning their prize) in the crucial first two to five years of their professional lives. Since its inception, it has become the principal vehicle for the Company’s charitable activities.

But not every person has access to music and its many benefits. Our outreach programme helps to provide high quality music across London schools and other institutions, bringing live music to schools that often have little music on their curriculum. In 2016, 155 visits were made to 55 schools and 8,122 children benefited from this work, and 2017 figures are set to be higher. In these interactive workshops, typically one or two Yeomen give an interactive presentation to a group of primary school children. The Yeomen introduce pupils to their instrument(s), and concepts of pitch, rhythm, melody and harmony.

The Company is very grateful to the Richard Reeve’s Foundation, whose continued support of our outreach programme has enabled us to expand our work in primary schools located in the boroughs of Camden and Islington.

Company Freemen and Liverymen also organise live performance opportunities for Yeomen at many renowned venues, and art and music festivals, across the UK.

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