Nelly von Alven

Nelly von Alven

Key Facts


Known for her excellent sound and engaging stage performances, German guitarist Nelly von Alven (born 1990) has won numerous awards and prizes at national and international competitions, such as 4th prize at the International Twents Guitar Competition in the Netherlands, 3rd prize at Germany’s Barmenia Competition (GER) and 3rd prize at the International Guitar Competition, Gevelsberg.
Nelly regularly performs live on stage and has been invited to several guitar festivals such as Internationales Bergisches Gitarrenfestival, Bielefelder Gitarrenforum, Internationale Giessener Gitarrentage and Gitarrenfestival Ruhr. As part of the Bielefelder Guitar Ensemble, Nelly has been on tour to the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Estonia and Peru. She has participated in numerous masterclasses with renowned artists including Zoran Dukic, Marcin Dylla and David Russel.
In 2015, Nelly’s debut CD Canto spirituoso was produced and published by Fibonacci Records. The album contains several debut recordings of which some are her own compositions.
Since 2013, Nelly has been a scholarship holder of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s Live Music Now which organises concerts in special venues such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes, hospices and prisons.
Nelly completed her Bachelor of Music in Germany at the University of Music, Cologne with Gerhard Reichenbach. Since September 2015, she has continued her studies at the Royal College of Music in London with Gary Ryan and Chris Stell in order to complete a Master of Performance. Nelly is a RCM Award Holder supported by a Musician’s Company Lambert Studentship.

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