A category of membership for outstanding young musicians, our Yeomen Programme was launched in 2000. The Programme offers Yeomen performance opportunities, mentoring, training in music outreach, professional development and profile.

The word Yeoman links to the medieval concept of the Yeoman as apprentice. Company award winners become Yeomen for five years after winning their award. Since its inception, the Yeomen Programme has become the principal vehicle for the Company’s charitable activities.

There are around 25 Yeomen each year, all young professionals embarking on their careers. Former Yeomen include Alfie Boe tenor, Amy Dickson saxophone, Milos Karadaglic guitar, Duncan Rock baritone, Ksenija Sidorova accordion and Ben Baker violin.

Performance Opportunities
In 2016, there were over 75 bookings from festivals and venues for our Yeomen. These include Brighton Festival, Buxton Festival and St John’s Smith Square.

Music Outreach in Schools
Yeomen are given annual music outreach training at the GSMD. Those that are not experienced in outreach are initially paired with more experienced Yeomen in workshops. Yeomen delivered 155 schools outreach workshops in London reaching 8,122 children in 56 schools in 2016.

Professional Development
The Musicians’ Company supports the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT). YCAT offers Yeomen one-to-one professional development workshops and monthly seminars that cover a range of topics, ranging from tax to marketing.