Ivor Mairants Guitar Award

An award for classical guitarists, generously sponsored until 2017 by the D’Addario Foundation.

Next competition March 2021 – please download an application form and the rules using the links below. The closing date for entries is 1 March 2021 and the audition date is 31 March.

In the event that the 2021 Ivor Mairants Guitar Award cannot be held live due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be adjudicated online on March 31st. The deadline for applications will still be March 1st, after which applicants will be requested to submit a video recording of their programme. Notice of any such changes will be given well in advance, together with all relevant details.

2019 winner: Dimitrios Soukaras

Previous winners:
1997 Amanda Cook
1999 Hayley Savage
2000 Xuefei Yang
2001 Milos Karadaglic
2002 Jorgan Skogmo
2003 Carl Herring
2004 Luis Leite
2005 Dimitris Dekavallas
2006 Nicholas Papin
2007 Fabricio Mattos
2008 Sanja Plohl
2009 Sean Shibe
2011 Manus Noble
2012 Francesco Scelzo
2013 Armen Doneyan
2014 Laura Snowden
2015 Bradley Johnson
2016 Michael Butten
2017 Giacomo Susani