We are proud of our strong heritage and welcome membership enquiries from those who are interested in actively preserving high quality music for future generations. Membership will help gifted musicians benefit from a raft of support including scholarships, prizes, medals and performance opportunities, and help spread the life-affirming benefits of music through community engagement and outreach. Membership of the Musicians’ Company begins with the Freedom of the Company – a title that once meant you were free to practise your art within the confines of the City of London. It now entitles you to participate in many Company activities and events. Freemen can also be invited to become Liverymen once commitment to the Company and its work have been demonstrated. This influential title gives access to all Company social events, many other Livery and City functions and entitles you to vote for the Sheriffs and Lord Mayor of the City of London. If you are considering applying for membership, please contact the Clerk for more information and an application form.