Jonatan Bougt

Jonatan Bougt

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Swedish guitarist and theorbist Jonatan Bougt is currently studying for his Master’s degree in Historical Performance at the Royal College of Music as a Musicians’ Company Scholar. Having recently graduated from the Bachelor of Music course with a First Class Honours degree, he is the winner of the RCM Guitar Competition 2017. Other noteworthy awards include the 1st Prize in the Jörgen Rörby Competition (2014) of the Swedish Guitar & Lute Society and the 1st Prize in the Young Talents Competition of Uppsala International Guitar Festival (2013).
Jonatan has performed in venues such as the Royal Festival Hall, Queen’s Gallery, Amaryllis Flemming Concert Hall, Britten Theatre, Snape Maltings Concert Hall (UK), Stockholm Concert Hall and Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Concert Hall (Sweden) and Centro Cultural Justicia Federal, (Brazil). In April last year, Jonatan performed the UK premiere of Chaya Czernowin’s White Wind Waiting with the RCM Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Johannes Harneit. In the past year, Jonatan’s work as a continuo player has included performances of Handel’s Acis and Galatea, ‘Theodora’ and Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo.

In 2012, he was awarded a scholarship by the City of Stockholm and the Music Conservatoire of Espirito Santo (FAMES) to give recitals with Bougt & Bergek Duo during the XIX Winter Music Festival of Domingos Martins and in Centro Cultural Justicia Federal, Rio de Janeiro. It also led to live performances on Brazilian TVGazeta. Jonatan regularly works as a chamber musician and in 2016, his guitar and piano duo with Irena Radić won 2nd Prize in the Chamber Music Competition at the Twents Guitar Festival, Netherlands.  Prior to coming to London, Jonatan studied with Bo Hansson at Södra Latin Gymnasium’s Professional Musician Programme. His studies there were supported by the Royal Academy of Music in Sweden, the Swedish Guitar & Lute Society and the Grisslehamn’s Guitar Prize.  Jonatan plays on a double top guitar made by Johannes Kitselis and a single top guitar made by Lars Jönsson.

Jonatan would like to thank the following for their generous support throughout his career and studies:
The Musicians’ Company, Margareta Rörby and the Jörgen Rörby Scholarship, the Swedish Guitar & Lute Society, the Grisslehamn’s Guitar Prize, Edilson Barboza and the FAMES in Brazil, Royal Academy of Music in Sweden, Sasha Levtov and the West Sussex Guitar Club, the Uppfostringsfonderna, the Thora Ohlsson Foundation, the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and the Kjempe-Carlgrenska Foundation.

“[I]n the dramatic Toccata, Bougt impressed with great dexterity, quick shifts and sharp emotional flings.”– Uppsala Nya Tidning
Jonatan gained 1st Prize due to his “natural musicality, professionalism, focused stage presence and technical brilliance.” – Young Talents Competition 2013


Musicians’ Company Award: RCM Lambert Scholarship 2017

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